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What is a Certificate of Rehabilitation?

A California Certificate of Rehabilitation is a special court order stating that a person has been entirely rehabilitated. (See California Penal Code sections 4852, et. seq.) Once a Certificate of Rehabilitation is granted, all rights are restored and the court order is then sent to the Governor where it serves as an automatic application for a pardon. If you were convicted of a felony in California and served time in prison, you may be eligible for a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Benefits of a Certificate of Rehabilitation
A Certificate of Rehabilitation:
  • Restores all civil rights (gun rights are only restored if Governor signs pardon),
  • End duty to register under Penal Code section 290 for some sex- offenses,
  • Serves as official proof that you have been rehabilitated, and
  • Ends employment and occupational licensing discrimination.
  • Major Requirements for a Certificate of Rehabilitation

  •  In some (not all) cases, at least 7 years must have passed since you were released from prison.
  • You must have continuously resided in California for the past 5 years.
  • You must have lived a crime-free life since being released from prison.

My Fees & Services

I handle everything from start to finish, for a very reasonable price (price depends on specifics of your case and criminal history).

My fee covers everything;

  • All the Paperwork
  • Filing Fees
  • Preparing, Serving, and Filing Your Application
  • Briefing the Judge
  • Arguing your Case in Court

If you are interested in having me file an application for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, please contact me. I have worked on hundreds of record repairs and my success rate is very high.

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