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Skilled, effective Representation In post-conviction Criminal Defense Matters 

Criminal Record Repair Services draws on deep experience in each of our areas of practice, and we maintain active standing in numerous related professional and community organizations. That combination gives us insight based not only on past successes, but a close observance of trends and best practices related to your situation.

The Law Offices of Kenneth J. Pinto represents clients throughout Northern California in Criminal law matters. Our post-conviction criminal law services include probation termination, record clearance, felony reduction, rehabilitation certificates, sealing DEJ records, and Proposition 47 re-sentencing.

The Complexities Of Santa Clara County Courts

The criminal court system has numerous complicated requirements for conformance with the rules of court. Additionally, there are many complex forms and motions that will be rejected if not submitted properly. Furthermore, even if a form is properly submitted, it may be denied by the court if it is deemed deficient.  This can cause delays of weeks or months resolving your matter. We are here to help.

Kenneth J. Pinto, has spent years navigating the Santa Clara County court system on behalf of our clients. Contact us immediately to ensure that your paperwork is filled out correctly and filed right the first time so that your legal efforts are focused on solving your legal problems.

At the Law Offices of Kenneth J. Pinto, we understand that people need successful results quickly and in as cost-effective a manner as is possible. Our law office works to save its clients time and money wherever possible. 

Our experienced attorney is ready to discuss your legal problems, and to pursue the solutions.

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Skilled and Experienced Post-Conviction Legal Services

Criminal defense lawyer Kenneth J. Pinto is skilled and experienced in the preparation and argument of post-conviction criminal defense motions before the court.  He works hard for you and is a competent and well versed professional in the courtroom.